Reflecting on Module 4

Module 4 was diving deep into some of my favorite things, namely, knitting in the round. Grade 5 Handwork uses 4 or 5 needles to make hats, socks and other roundish things.

We began with socks!

Socks require a lot of knitting skills, but in reality, they are the same skills we learned in grade 1 and two but expanded upon. We had to knit fast because we needed time to learn how to knit Fair Isles style on our hats! We dyed the yarn for these hats ourselves using Saxon Blue and Osage Orange plant dyes. Making these hats required planning and graphing, but the end result was worth it! If we finished in time, we used cable knitting skills to make a pair of fingerless gloves.

The Hardcraft portion of the week was also an amazing project. We got to carve a box or out of a branch of redwood!

After a week at WPAT your arms are exhausted, but you are very proud! It was so wonderful to take a branch and carve out a box. A log section becomes a bowl. It was transformative.


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