Reflecting on Module 3

Reflecting on Module 3

Laura Watkins – WPAT student

Winter WPAT was as always, a time of extreme creativity, study and bonding. This session we delved into Grade 4 handwork curriculum, and Grade 6 Hard craft curriculum.

The day began as per usual with a study. This time we studied the Waldorf curriculum from Grades 1-12 including Handwork, woodwork, art and Eurythmy. Each day a different grades teacher or specialty teacher would give us insight to the education developed by Steiner.

I had my soft craft session in the earlier part of the day, and we didn’t have a minute to lose!
First we made a needle case. This is a perfect project for fourth grade since fourth graders learn to sew, and they can also learn care of their new tools.

In WPAT we move fast, so this needed to be done by the first day!  We all had homework.  It is kind of fun to tell my family that I have to do my homework and then pull this out!

Next we moved on to making these eyeglass cases.  This was an amazing project.  We began by creating a watercolor painting, and then re-creating it with the cross stitch.  When we had finished the cross stitch we sewed it up into an eyeglass case.

Another great project was the handwork bags.  Mona Lewis made an Indigo dye vat and we dyed the hemp cloth using the indigo.  (we also spent the week bringing in all the cotton white things we could lay our hands on from underwear to yarn to shirts etc).  Once we had the blue cloth we went outside and used the shadows of the sun to create a holding shape to embroider onto the cloth.

The Indigo dye vat was really one of the highlights of the module.  We all gathered in the dusk and made magic out of plant dye.  We felt a connection to the earth, and almost to the generations who had come before us also creating plant dye magic.

Our afternoons were dedicated to Hard Craft!  This module was really fun as we made spoons (and much more!).

We had a choice of several woods – poplar, mahogany, walnut.  Most of the work was done with a rasp and sandpaper, but we also could use a saw to do the handle of the spoon.

Some of us finished quickly and branched out to other projects.  I made a clock which is great for grade six woodworking.  Grade six is studying compass geometry, so it is a great project for them.

I also had some time left over so I made a spork, a lucette and a leather case for my knife!  My kids are fighting over this adorable spork.

The Lucette totally works I have got both of my kids using it to make cords.

I am now gearing up for module 4, where we make a treasure chest out of a branch!


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